Modulair-PM Device Status: PM not working

I noticed one of the Modulair-PM devices we have installed was offline and showed that the PM wasn’t working. I went out to the site and manually reset the device by turning off and unplugging from the solar/battery cord. Is there any troubleshooting steps to take to figure out why PM is not working. When I arrived at the sensor, it was on, I could hear the fan running, and it was breathing cyan. When I left, it was breathing cyan after resetting.

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Hi @Smanson - could you submit a support ticket to or visit so that we can make sure this is entered into our support workflow? Thanks!

I just experienced a similar problem with one of my Modulair-PM devices. PM stopped working, even though the device is online and RH and Temp are still reporting. No loss of connection in my case.

Submitting a support ticket about this issue today. Thanks!

Hi @natemayecy - can you submit a support ticket at so that we can help you get back up and running as quickly as possible? Thanks!