Inlet connection to 3/8" pipe

We’re interested in using the MODULAIR-PM and MODULAIR sensors at the end of sampling lines. It seems most reasonable to 3-d print a connection from the 3/8" pipe to the square or rectangular inlet on the box.
Does anyone have CAD files for such a device? Or, is there a better approach?

Hi @scapps,

We don’t advise using our devices in this way, as they’re fan-driven (as opposed to pump-driven) and don’t have a perfect seal between the internal flow cell and the edge of the box, making it difficult to get a good sample. If you are able to get a decent seal on the face of the device, it may create quite a pressure drop, making the measurements invalid. We haven’t tested this explicitly, so can’t say for sure.

If would still like to try, please send me your email address and I can send the dimensions for the inlet.