Delay in transmitting Data to the cloud

Hi all, my two sensors are not sending data to cloud in real time. At times it takes even five days to do that. What could be cause and the solution for this?
It is important to note that am running around ten sensors in the same location and they all look good.
Please help

Hi @Joshua - thanks for reaching out! If you are seeing older data make it to the cloud, that is likely because the cellular connection was down and the data is being queued onboard and sent once the connection comes back.

If you can submit a ticket through the in-app support (click the green button in the lower right-hand side of your screen), we can help you with your specific sensors right away.

Hi David, thanks for reaching out. Here are the affected sensors. Thanks

b. MOD-PM-00840

Thanks @Joshua - if you could please create a ticket via the in-app support as mentioned in the previous response, that will help us help you. Thanks.