Anemometer Mounting

I am wondering if anyone has experience or suggestions pertinent to mounting anemometers on large poles, such as lamp posts. I understand that some users use a polycase pole mount kit for the MODULAIR, but I haven’t found a similar mount that could be used for the anemometer. This seems particularly challenging as a large lamp post could interfere with anemometer readings unless a side mount arm is used to put significant distance between the anemometer and the pole.

I’d be grateful for any insights or suggestions that anyone could provide!

Thank you!

Hi Jordan! Thanks for writing. One quick possible workaround to this challenge would be to use slightly oversized mounting rails for your MODULAIR. Polycase has a few options extending 12-24" in length. You could then mount the anemometer to the portion of the mounting rail that extend away from the pole, giving yourself some horizontal displacement to catch the winds more authentically. I’ll be curious to see what you come up with, please post a photo or shoot us follow-up questions as needed!